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Welcome and thank you for expressing your interest on this fishing charter trip! 
Here are some of the information from traveling there to the specifications of the KM7KINGS.

All About Saumlaki

Saumlaki (airport code: SXK) S7o 58'56 E131o 17'54 covers an area of 124.1 square kilometers. Saumlaki is a village on Yamdena Island, in the Tanimbar Islands, Maluku, Indonesia. The marine resources near Saumlaki have great development value however the town itself has no industry, and its daily necessities are imported from Surabaya. The town has few shops, restaurants and hotels located around the port. 

I.K7.C Saumlaki location and year-round temperature reference:

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 2.58.06 PM.png

Historic highest temperature (°C)

Average highest temperature(°C)

Daily average temperature (°C)

Average lowest temperature (°C)

Historic lowest temperature (°C)

Precipitation (mm)

Historic highest temperature (°F)

Average highest temperature(°F)

Daily average temperature (°F)

Average lowest temperature (°F)

Historic lowest temperature (°F)

Precipitation (inches)

Relative Humidity (%)

Monthly average hours of Sunshine

Fish Species

Saumlaki fish species and best fishing month: Mar / Apr / May / Oct / Nov / Dec 

Yellowfin jack /Red Snapper/ Mullet / Fourfinger threadfin / Grouper / Blue fin owl. 

Mother boat can serve 8-12 fishermen:

Length: 30 meters        

Width: 6 meters  

Fuel tank capacity: 7150 liters      

Speed: 10-15 knots       

Mitsubishi 365HP + 220HP engine


Equipment on board:

3-in-1 fish finder, satellite phone (for emergency use only), VHF radio life jacket, inflatable lifeboat, 30KW generator set


Facilities on board:

Separate double bedroom X 2, group sleeping cabin X 8 single beds, rest room, dining room, bathroom room X 2, bedside charging device

#1 #2 Sport Fishers can serve 4 fishermen and 1 photographer

Length: 10 meters        

Width: 2.2 meters        

Fuel tank capacity: 300 liters         Speed: 20 knots 

4-stroke outboard engine Yamaha 150HP


Equipment on board:

3-in-1 fish detection machine, VHF radio, Life jacket, Gaff, Fishing net, Life bait well, Measuring fish scale, Weighing Scale, Rescue Buoy

The Trip itinerary
Arrival day: 14:40 arrive at Saumlaki Airport. We will meet you at the airport. Go to the port and have lunch at I.B.C Mother Ship [PL1] . On the way we will pass by store where you can buy your favorite beverages, beer, snacks. fruits, etc. I.B.C Mother Ship will leave port before 17:00

Fishing (1-5 days):

07:00: Breakfast

08:00: Sport fisher departs 

11.30: Lunch at the Bella Mother Ship[PL2] 

13:00: Sport fisher departs

17:30: Dinner at the Bella Mother Ship 

After dinner, you can also engage in night fishing activities such as squid fishing, etc. on the Mother Ship

Departure Day: Breakfast is ready for you at 07:00. Arrive at the airport at 09:00 and leave at 10:50[PL3] . Go home with unforgettable memories of this fishing trip.


The cost includes:

Meals on board (Chinese meal / Indonesian meal), Fast food service during non-mealtime time, Catch cooking service, Drinks: 15 boxes * 24 bottles, Bottled water. Manual laundry service. Roundtrip transfer between airport and I.K7.C


Payment Method:

Please pay 50% of the fee immediately upon booking. We will reserve the shipping schedule for you. The balance must be paid 60 days before departure date. The booking will be terminated if the payment conditions are not fulfilled. The deposit will not be refunded. Any bank transfer fee incurred must be paid by the customer.

Fishing gear recommendations:

Personal life jacket, Windproof and waterproof thin jacket, Sunglasses, Sun hat, Fishing gloves, Fish fighting belt

POPPING: PE:6-12 LURE:80-250g LEADER:80-300LB REEL:14000-18000

JIGGING: PE:3-6  LURE:200-400g LEADER:60-150LB REEL:6000-20000

LIGHT JIGGING: PE:1.5-2.5 LURE:60-150g LEADER:30-60LB REEL:3000-5000

EGI: PE:0.8-1 / SQUID LURE 2.5-3. INCH


Air ticket recommendations:

Because there are no flights connecting to Saumlaki from abroad (airport code: SXK), strongly recommends you to buy the ticket directly to Pattimura Airport Ambon, Indonesia  (Airport code: AMQ. Recommends Indonesian GARUDA Airlines, including the full luggage weight.) LION AIR...BATIC AIR highly not recommended. Stay at least once in Makassar (UPG). The non-joint flights of these two airlines are calculated as one luggage charge every time you pick up the luggage, so you most likely have to pay more than two unreasonable luggage charges per single trip. It is different from your past flight experiences. Finally buy it separately; Ambon to Saumlaki (airport code: SXK) ticket. Please remember to buy the actual luggage weight because the airline ticket does not include luggage weight

will assist you in consulting the referral service when purchasing tickets.


Insurance safety recommendations:

Regarding personal injury and other health protection, and personal safety during the trip, it is recommended to increase the insurance coverage for travel insurance. I.B.C is not responsible for accidents.

Tip for tips:

USD10 per day during the trip


Special statement

1. The whole team of will guarantee to work hard to serve everyone. For friends who love fishing, the ocean is full of changes and team will always remain in awe and do our best to complete everyone's wish.

2. In the event of uncontrollable situations and the rapid changes in weather, will not be able to go to some fishing spots or fishing grounds due to the interest of your personal safety protection. We seek for your understanding on this.

3. For whatever reason that you arrive late in Saumlaki,. will wait for your arrival during the booking period. However, the 5-day itinerary you have booked will remain unchanged and the difference in days will not be refunded.

4. In the event of disputes which arise during the itinerary. has the right of final interpretation.





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